Welkom bij Sticky dog!!!

Sticky dog ​​is specialized in making dog designs, these designs are for sale as stickers, bags, laptop sleeves, notebooks and many other nice products.


In addition, we also regularly make costum-made designs for breeders, grooming salons, kennels, dog lovers, companies, etc.


Sticky dog ​​can also be found on Etsy with all dog designs and under the name Sticky Underdog for all non-dog related designs, feel free to have a look there too.

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May I introduce myself? My name is Eva Boerekamps, the face behind Sticky dog. A few years ago me and my husband fell in love with the dog breed BASENJI and in 2014 we welcomed our first Basenji Figo, in the same year our first daughter was also born.


As a real dog lover I wanted to have everything from this breed, but unfortunately there was not that much merchandise to be found. From this need I started drawing and cutting stickers and this turned out to be a great success with great demand for other dog breeds. This resulted in Sticky dog ​​becoming a fact in 2015.


In 2017 our family was expanded with our second daughter and Basenji Femm.


With the 6 of us + cat we form team Sticky dog!