Virtuele kynologische markt

Published on 7 April 2021 at 21:57

3 entrepreneurs join forces and organize a virtual canine market every month for entrepreneurs from the canine world affected by Covid measures.

Image drawn by Marianne Felix for the first Virtual Canine Market

Sitting at home for a year does not mean sitting still for a year for three entrepreneurs from the cynological field. In the absence of dog events, fairs, shows and competitions, they now organize a Virtual dog market on Facebook for themselves and fellow affected entrepreneurs.


This special collaboration between Marianne Felix from Le Chien ArtistiQ, Eva Boerekamps from Sticky dog and Claudia Visser from Durk's Dogsnacks started on April 6, 2020 and now a year later they are still working on this online event every day.


What was first devised for one single time has grown into a Facebook group that organizes an online market every month with over 7500 members. Many different entrepreneurs have already joined this inactive and present their products in a digital market stall every 24th of the month for a week. We had never foreseen that it will take another year, we all hope to be able to experience the fun of the canine events again in real life, and to be able to present our wares on a real stand. But until then this is a good alternative for buyer and seller.


This market has already brought about nice collaborations and activities. Such as an interview with Dogzine (TV)and attention in the eponymous magazine.


Curious about this online event? Then go to Virtuele kynologische markt and sign up for this group.

Virtual kyno market in Dogzine, year 5 number 1

Interview with Dogzine TV, see from 20:55

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