Felt dog shoulder bag German Wirehaired Pointer circle with rabbit dog silhouette, LeChienArtistiQ


Felt shoulder bag with German Wirehaired Pointer circle with rabbit dog silhouette print - Sticky dog.nl

Design from: LeChienArtistiQ

This gray shoulder bag is made of 220 grs. felt. The shoulder bag has an adjustable felt shoulder strap in the same color as the bag. The adjustable shoulder strap makes the bag easy to carry over the shoulder. In addition, the shoulder bag is equipped with a closing flap.

Designs of Sticky dog are drawn by hand and then being edited on the computer. Afterwards, the stickers are cut with a vinyl cutter and peeled. Finally, this design is pressed onto a cotton carrier.

Do you have special wishes, you like to have a diffrent design or are you curious about our other options. Send us a email to info@stickydog.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.


Stickers are shipped in a sturdy shipping box. Send by Post NL.

Ready to ship 3-10 days after payment is received.

The size (without shoulder bag) is 33 x 35 x 12 cm, with print on front, back left blank.